Sunday, February 13, 2011


Thats right folks! DJ KOGA and FREEDOMCHICKEN, collectively known as DOWNWELL79's (14Catheinre, JPN) are coming back to HKG this coming Saturday (19/2) @ PHILIA LOUNGE.

KOGA and FREEDOMCHICKEN both had came thru back in Jan and May 2010 seperately, graced Hong Kong with their trademark eclectic sound of soul, disco, funk, afrobeat and deep underground dance music.

This time, they both be coming to our shore, performing at least a 3 hrs set together! Taking us into their own musical journey...

For those who would come with an open mind, and are ready for a night of true underground dance music and vintage soul and funk music, this one is for you!

They also be doing a Shenzhen show on the 18/2 (Fri), details: