Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last week Jumbo and yours truly had the priviledge to DJ and hang out with Yohei Miyake from the Jazzy Sport camp, alongside Mr. Peace-K and Han-chan, for their Hong Kong and China Tour. For those who's not familiar with Yohei's name, check here:


The shows were organized by Torahito Shinohara, aka Tora the Big Boss. Thursday night (13/1) we kicked things off at Bassment (now called In-Senses). At first, i had no idea what really to expect, until I finally see them testing out gears during soundcheck, I know I'm in for something wonderful and inspiring. And I was right! Upon sharing the DJ duty with Jumbo, Peace-K and Han-chan first stepped up and heat things off with a great set of dreamy, light-hearted, mellow folk acoustic music in true traditional Northern Japanese style. Got to mention Han-chan's vocal is simply brilliant matching together with their soundscape.

Then, Yohei steps up and offer an inspiring set of raw, energetic guitar percussion set, his style is so diverse with heavy elements of rock music, but resembles his pasison for reggae, funk, soul, jazz and hiphop. All expressed thru his voice, his guitar, Peace-K's percussion and Han-Chan's backing vocals.

Friday (14/1) night was their performance in Shenzhen, which also went down surprisingly well at the True Color. Then finally the last show in Hong Kong on Saturday (15/1) at En LKF, which was yet an equally memorable night! Yohei's choice of music during his DJ set was also something that really strikes me, going from classic reggae to rock, free jazz, to hiphop. Jumbo and myself were also fortunate enough to have a back-to-back DJ session with Yohei towards the end of the night, shared some of our favourite tunes, beers and laughters indeed!

We like to wish Yohei, Peace-K and han-chan all the best and surely hope to catch up with them sooner or later.
Jumbo in deep concentration.
Yohei taking us into his own musical journey. 
Jumbo the psychedelic percussionist.
K-melo aka Mr 2:00am

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