Wednesday, March 16, 2011

11/3 (Fri) TheGetUp! @ Insenses : The ReCap

First, we like to express from our deepest sympathy and to send all our prayers to all the people in Northern Japan right now, it is a horrific disaster that happened too quickly. From the past few days, from the news and reports and images that we've seen, we have witnessed the unity, the love and the strength that each and everyone in the nation has in helping each other to fight through the tough times.

Here're some recaps from TheGetUp! last week, thanks Kumi for the shoots, and of course everyone who came down to show us love. Shout out to the hommies Yui BDP (live ya life mang!), Henry Mullins, DJ Ivan came thru, Miyuki, Janel, Bhavi, Katt, DJ Helen, Wendy Wenn (surprise set, again!), Javier...a few new faces that we met....Jumbo and BS for holding it down.

And of course, Hem and Denz for working with us thru the night.

Till next time...stay well people.

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